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Client Testimonials 

Keenan is a natural coach with a holistic and professional approach that is most effective for self-actualization.


From meditation to self-reflection on the values that really matters, he has assisted me in finding a true state of balance in circadian rhythm and an authentic sense of purpose in my life.

Keenan has also helped me develop a 12-month strategy to leave my current employment and set up my own international business that aligns with my life’s passion.

He is patient, intuitive and offers extremely useful advice. He listens deeply and observes before making appropriate and well-timed recommendations. 

I have greatly benefited from his Conscious Motivation approach with the various mindfulness exercises and recommended books for impactful personal growth.

I highly recommend Keenan as an excellent life coach.

Angelique (VP of Business Development, Telecom Industry)

Los Angeles, California

Keenan has helped me navigate my way up the corporate ladder at one of the most competitive financial services consulting firms.


He has a sixth sense for how to navigate through challenging situations involving my clients and co-workers. His emotional quotient (EQ) levels are off the charts, which allows him to understand what is going on in the minds of all involved—and create a path forward that involves the least resistance.

This has allowed me to catch my breath, and taken significant stress off my shoulders when the challenges were almost too much to bear.

I highly recommend Keenan if you are looking for somebody to coach you on how to overcome work challenges and take you to the next level of your career.

James (Senior Consultant, Financial Services Industry)

Charlotte, North Carolina

As the founder of a multi-million dollar technology start-up, my mind stays moving at full-speed seven days a week. 


I meet with Keenan every Monday morning before the work week begins, so that I can get my mind centered and focused on what needs to be achieved. 


Though I have a deep mindfulness practice, the fast pace environment of my industry has a tendency to knock me off my daily schedule.  Keenan constantly reminds me that no matter how busy I am, making time for my mindfulness practice allows me to be the best boss, friend, and family member that I can be.  


As he commonly says, “Skipping meditation when you are too busy is like not getting gas when on empty because you are in too much of a rush to get to your destination.” Meditation is my daily fuel to ensure I operate at my highest level.

Keenan’s executive experience at one the top consulting firms in the country allows him to listen to my challenges and be a sounding board for my most critical decisions.  I know I can come to him and he will provide multiple paths forward with the corresponding benefits and potential pitfalls.

Mark (CEO, Technology/Entertainment Start-Up)

Atlanta, Georgia

When my first child was born, I set the intention to live a better life and to use each day to become a better version of myself - that sounded great and looked good on paper - but just how was I going to put that into action? Going "green" was the first step I took. I switched out cleaning products, became more knowledgeable about organic and non-GMO, and gradually changed our grocery list to foods that are clean (free from unnecessary ingredients). Then from there, I wanted to work on some anxiety that would creep up in certain situations - where was it coming from and why?

I knew I could reach another level of success if I could overcome the anxiety. And you know, just when you need that little push…Life, Universe, God, whatever you choose to call it stepped in. Keenan and I met for coffee to catch up and from that day forward, he was not just my friend but turned into a mentor and coach. He is a big part of my journey in self-discovery and looking at life and situations with a lens that is conscious and present.

In life, if you are not growing you are fading, but as you grow it can sometimes feel lonely.  This is where having a coach becomes critical to staying on your right path and answering the questions you come across as you become more conscious.  For this reason, I would recommend Keenan to anybody in search of a coach to help them start and maintain the journey of inner-work and improvement.

Karen (Executive Recruiter, Management Consulting)

Charlotte, North Carolina

Keenan stepped in to coach me one month before I was to complete my testing for my commercial flight instructor's license. 


I had spent years getting to this moment, but a dispute with my family was paralyzing my ability to think clearly and get across the finish line.


His ability to listen without judgment to my most personal challenges, and communicate a clear path forward, helped me overcome the pain I was experiencing so that I could pass my written and practical flight tests.


Keenan changed the course of my life, and I recommend him to anyone that is looking for a co-pilot to help them steer their way out of a storm.

Adriana (Commercial Pilot Flight Instructor, Aviation)

Miami, Florida

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