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Taking your career and business to the next level.

Keenan spent his management consulting career learning from the most successful business leaders in the country.


He uses these same lessons and his extensive experience as a coach to help his clients overcome their most critical career and business challenges.


During his financial services consulting career, his key roles were:


  • Helping executive clients step back and understand their business issues;

  • Creating an action plan to remediate these issues; and

  • Ensuring the plan was executed, enabling clients to reach their desired targets effectively and efficiently.

As a professional coach, he brings these same skills to help his clients get unstuck and achieve their desired career and business goals.




Career Development

  • Elevating Compensation

  • Pursuing Promotions

  • Leadership Skill Development

  • Improving Inter-Office & Client Relationships

  • Career Transitions

  • Career Searches

  • Time Management

  • Stress Management

  • Lack of Passion for Work

business consulting

  • Starting Your Own Business

  • Business Strategy

  • Increasing Sales/Revenue

  • Expense Management

  • People Management

  • Performance Management

  • Customer Experience

  • Policies, Processes, & Procedures

  • Leadership/360 Reviews

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