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Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Many people have either never heard of personal coaching, whether executive or focused more generally on life.

Though skeptical in the beginning, I love to see the surprised expression on their faces when they finally understand how effective coaching is in helping people achieve their perceived elusive goals.

But my clients – and many others who have quality coaches – would surely tell you that it is the best investment of time and money that they make each month.

But what do executive and life coaches do that has American’s spending over $1 Billion a year on their services?

Executive coaches help advance your career by improving your leadership skills, accelerating promotion cycles, elevating compensation, increasing business revenue, and decreasing daily fire-drills through better management.

Life coaches partner with you to improve your relationships, elevate self-confidence and willpower, cultivate self-love and inner peace; while also reducing fear, guilt, and suffering.

As an executive life coach, my clients regularly experience all of the above benefits.

Here are the ten reasons you should consider partnering with a coach:

Career Development

Our careers take up at least 50% of our waking hours. A life coach helps you with the critical task of ensuring that you are continuously growing, being compensated appropriately, and that your chosen career is the best fit for your passion and abilities.

1. Career Transition: Are you currently going through with a career transition?

Partner with a coach to bounce back strongly from unexpected career endings (like lay-offs and firings), or to determine when it is time to leave voluntarily because better opportunities are on the horizon.

2. Playing the Game: Is your struggle with office-politics hindering your career development?

Partner with a coach in identifying and nurturing the relationships that are pivotal for leveling up your skills, shortening your promotion cycle, and increasing your compensation.

3. Getting Unstuck: Have you lost any semblance of passion for your work – leaving you feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled?

Partner with a coach to investigate the issue(s) and create a remediation plan that will get you unstuck.

Personal Development

If you are feeling unhappy, stuck, or lost, a coach can help you transform your situation by acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills you need to live a fulfilled life.

4. Building Self-Confidence: Do limiting beliefs and negative self-talk cause you to lose confidence in your abilities?

Partner with a coach to gain the confidence that you are worthy and able of becoming the person you aspire to be.

5. Increasing Willpower: Are you lacking the will-power needed to push through the challenges that are in front of you?

Partner with a coach to develop a personal accountability plan so that you will stay focused on the small steps necessary to create lasting momentum.

Personal Relationships

People often fail to realize how much our personal relationships affect all aspects of our life. Toxic relationships can leave us mentally strained and unable to focus on what is important.

6. Overcome Lack of Support: Has your fiery passion for a new idea been doused out by someone close to you that did not understand or believe in your vision?

Partner with a coach who will always leave you feeling motivated and supported, even when others may be less dependable.

7. Cultivating Self-Love: Are you looking for love from someone to fill a void that is inside of you?

Partner with a coach to identify the areas where you lack self-love and create an action plan to develop it.

8. Finding the Right Partner: Have you found that is much more difficult to get out of a relationship that it is to get in one?

Partner with a coach to ensure that you are going into a new relationship for the right reasons, and that this person meets or exceeds your expectations for your next partner.

9. Finding Harmony with Our Partner & Family: Are you experiencing disharmony with your partner or family?

Partner with a coach to create harmony with your partner and family through improved communication, acceptance, and sometimes even by requesting space.


What goes on the inside of our minds directly impacts how we perceive the things happening outside.

10. Developing Self-Awareness: Do you often find yourself detached from the present moment, worried about the future or regretting something in the past?

Partner with a coach to how learn to quiet your mind, create inner peace, and be more present in each moment to truly appreciate your life.

Learn More About Coaching Today

Check out my coaching page to learn more about my proven coaching philosophy, read the testimonials, and begin the journey of transformation today.

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