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Keenan Benjamin

Executive Life Coach

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Karen's Story

"I knew I could reach another level of success if I could overcome the anxiety." - Karen


"When my first child was born,


I set the intention to live a better life and to use each day to become a better version of myself.


That sounded great and looked good on paper, but just how was I going to put that into action?


Going "green" was the first step I took. I switched out cleaning products, became more knowledgeable about organic and non-GMO, and gradually changed our grocery list to foods that are clean (free from unnecessary ingredients).


Then from there, I wanted to work on some anxiety that would creep up in certain situations.


Where was it coming from and why?


I knew I could reach another level of success if I could overcome the anxiety.


And you know, just when you need that little push; Life, Universe, God, whatever you choose to call it stepped in.


Keenan and I met for coffee to catch up and from that day forward, he was not just my friend but turned into a mentor and coach. He is a big part of my journey in self-discovery and looking at life and situations with a lens that is conscious and present.


In life, if you are not growing, you are fading. But as you grow, it can sometimes feel lonely. 


 That is where having a coach becomes critical to staying on your right path and answering the questions you come across as you become more conscious. 


For this reason, I would recommend Keenan to anybody in search of a coach to help them start and maintain the journey of inner-work and improvement."

- Karen 


"Be present so you can appreciate life's wonderful moments." - Keenan

I discovered Karen's message when I woke up, and,


What a beautiful way to start the day. 


These moments are the exact reason why I decided to quit my six-figure job in one of the top management consulting firms and became a full-time coach.


Helping many of my colleagues back when I was working, I discovered that my real purpose of life was to help people find their truth.

If you'd like to experience a transformation similar to Karen's, I have a few more spots to fill in my calendar.


I'm running a special promotion for all of my new clients.

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