Keenan Benjamin | The Mindset Coach
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Become the Hero you are Capable of Being.

I help my clients become their best selves.

You are a HERO, Take the JOURNEY.

Learn the next step on your HERO'S JOURNEY.

Are you a hero whose goals are being held hostage by limiting beliefs?


keenaN demolishes limiting beliefs with a time-tested coaching methodology:

Powerful questions

By asking powerful questions, Keenan empowers you to understands the mental barriers holding you back from achieving your career and personal goals.

Taking Action

With a clear mind, you can develop a comprehensive plan of action that includes the critical component of accountability, support and contingency planning.

creating awareness

And by creating awareness of the true nature of your mental obstacles, you will feel inspired to break through the chains of stagnation & limiting beliefs.


achieving goals

By practicing persistence and patience – while refusing to turn back when limiting beliefs resurface – all the goals you have for your hero's journey become achievable.

Who is Keenan Benjamin?

Keenan is the coach you partner with to overcome limiting beliefs and minimize the time needed to achieve your heroic career and personal goals.


His success comes from leveraging his experience moving up the ladder into a leading role at one of America's foremost management consulting firms.


During that time, Keenan learned how to overcome his mind's limiting beliefs so he could take his career to the next level, while motivating those around him to do the same.


Keenan serves his coaching clients with the same attention to detail and inspiration that he once served his banking executive clients.



Our careers often take place in highly competitive, stressful, and pressured environments.

How much would you invest to develop the clarity, peace, and confidence to pursue the career path you are destined for?


When you experience your personal transformation, the value to your life going forward is unquantifiable to you and those you come in contact with.

How would it feel to bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you would like to be?


Our relationships bring great joy into our lives, but they can also bring great stress. 

What would the value be to no longer sacrifice time and energy with people who are holding you back from living the life you deserve?


1 Coaching Session

Uncover your limiting beliefs and create a plan of action to achieve one goal on your heroic journey.

Value Added Services

Career / Life Balance Workbook

Email Support (Limited)


5 Coaching Sessions

Greater coaching value is actualized by focusing on the achievement of at least five heroic goals.

Value Added Services

Monthly Progress Check-ins

Career / Life Balance Workbook

Core Values Exploration

Goal-Setting Exercise

Email Support (Unlimited)

Text Support (Limited)


10 Coaching Sessions

True transformation is achieved by investing in ten goals to transform every aspect of their joureny.

*Best value*

Value Added Services

Monthly Progress Check-ins

Career / Life Balance Workbook

Core Values Exploration

Goal-Setting Exercise

Email Support (Unlimited)

Text Support (Unlimited)


What do CLIENTS say about their INVESTMENT?

Mark, CEO

Technology/Entertainment Start-Up
Atlanta, Georgia

Keenan’s executive experience at one the top consulting firms allows him to listen to my challenges and be a sounding board for my most critical decisions.

I know he will help me identify multiple paths forward with the corresponding benefits and potential pitfalls.

Karen, Executive Recruiter

Management Consulting
Charlotte, North Carolina

Keenan is a big part of my journey of self-discovery and looking at life situations with a lens that is conscious and present.

I would recommend him to anybody looking to start and maintain the journey of inner-work and improvement. 

Adriana, Commercial Pilot 

Miami, Florida

Keenan has an ability to listen without judgment to my most personal challenges, and help me determine a clear path forward.

He changed the course of my life, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a co-pilot to steer their way out of a storm.

Angelique, Vice President

Telecom Industry
Los Angeles, California

From meditation to self-reflection on my core values, Keenan has assisted me in finding a true state of balance. 

He has also helped me develop a 12-month strategy to leave my current employment and set up my own international business that aligns with my life’s passion.

Lorin, CEO 

Marketing Industry
San Francisco, California

I’ve worked with my share of business coaches, and Keenan is one of the best.

He guides you through a bullet-proof process that addresses your concerns, uncovers limiting beliefs, achieves clarity, and creates an action as little as one session!

James, Senior Consultant

Financial Services

Charlotte, North Carolina

Keenan has a sixth sense for how to navigate through challenging situations involving my clients and co-workers.

Keenan has helped me navigate my way up the corporate ladder at one of the most competitive financial services consulting firms.