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What You Get

Whatever your goal, I can help you achieve it.

Do you have a...

Financial goal

Neil, Washington, DC

I engaged Keenan for coaching related to my personal life, but a strange thing happened. By working on fine-tuning the things that were out of balance in my personal life, I've been much more mindful about how I served my clients -- and my profits are up 30% in 6 months.

relationship goal

Bally, New York

When I started working with Keenan, my relationship life was in shambles. But his coaching helped me understand my true value, and  not only do I have now have much more peace in my personal - my business profits have double since I engaged him as a coach.

Mindfulness goal

Karen, Charlotte, NC

I engaged Keenan as a working mother of two, and his mindset coaching has allowed me to make a transformational career move that helped me achieve both my financial and familial goals. His listening abilities and spiritual knowledge are out of this world.

What Is Coaching?

A coaching session with Keenan is like a 90-minute conversation with Oprah Winfrey & Tony Robbins — at the same time. 

I guarantee you will leave each session motivated -- with a more open heart and mind.

The key to transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly


How Keenan Works His Magic


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...

1)  He uses a proven method to help you uncover your limiting beliefs.


2) You trust me to stand with you as explore how those limiting beliefs aren't real.

3)  He helps you visualize and create an action plan for achieving balance and fulfillment in your life.

4) He uses technology to hold you accountable when you stray from your chosen path to success.

What is the Cost?

Single Session -


6 Session Package

 $1,350 or $225/session

12 Session Package

$2,400 or $200/session

That is a tremendous deal for the caliber of coaching received.

But even so, for the my first 20 clients that have the courage to commit to coaching in February, there is:

(Earlybird Pricing 


6 Sessions for $1,000

12 Sessions for $2,000)