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Are your consulting goals being held hostage by limiting beliefs?


keenaN demolishes limiting beliefs with a time-tested coaching methodology:

Powerful questions

By asking powerful questions, Keenan empowers you to understands the mental barriers holding you back from achieving your career goals.

taking action

With a clear mind, you can develop a comprehensive plan of action that includes accountability, support and contingency planning.

creating awareness

And by creating awareness of the true obstacles in the way of your success, you will feel inspired to break through the chains of stagnation & limiting beliefs.


achieving goals

By practicing patience and persistence -- while refusing to turn back when limiting beliefs arise -- you will achieve your goals.

who is Keenan Benjamin?

Keenan is the mindset coach who consultants partner with to minimize the time needed to achieve their career and personal goals.


His success comes from leveraging his experience moving up the ladder into a leading role at one of America's foremost management consulting firms.


During that time, Keenan learned how to overcome his mind's limiting beliefs so he could take his career to the next level, and then motivated those around him to do the same.


Keenan serves his coaching clients with the same attention to detail and inspiration that he once served his banking executive clients.



Life as a consultant often takes place in a highly competitive, stressful, and pressured environment. The actions you take must be strategic to rise above the competition and achieve your goals.


The constant pursuit of personal growth is critical to achieving success in the consulting world. By developing your strengths and weaknesses, you continuously improve your value proposition on and off the client site.


Our relationships bring great joy into our lives, but they can also bring great stress. By understanding and remediating the disharmony in your personal relationships, you are better able to execute on your goals.

WHAT do CLIENTS SAY about their investment?

James, Senior Consultant

Financial Services

Charlotte, North Carolina

Keenan has helped me navigate my way up the corporate ladder at one of the most competitive financial services consulting firms.

Mark, CEO

Technology/Entertainment Start-Up
Atlanta, Georgia

Keenan’s executive experience at one the top consulting firms in the country allows him to listen to my challenges and be a sounding board for my most critical decisions.

Karen, Executive Recruiter

Management Consulting
Charlotte, North Carolina

I would recommend Keenan to anybody in search of a coach to help them start and maintain the journey of inner-work and improvement. 

Angelique, Vice President

Telecom Industry
Los Angeles, California

Keenan has also helped me develop a 12-month strategy to leave my current employment and set up my own international business that aligns with my life’s passion.

Adriana, Commercial Pilot 

Aviation Training Industry
Miami, Florida

Keenan changed the course of my life, and I recommend him to anyone that is looking for a co-pilot to help them steer their way out of a storm.


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1 Coaching Session

Focusing on the success of one goal by uncovering limiting beliefs and creating an action plan.

Value Added Services

Career Balance Workbook

Email Support (Limited)


5 Coaching Session

The true value is felt by packaging a group of five goals that will ensure career and personal evolution.

Monthly Progress Check-ins

Career / Life Balance Workbook

Core Values Exploration

Goal-Setting Exercise

Email Support (Unlimited)

Text Support (Limited)


10 Coaching Sessions

The most value is received by those who invest in achieving ten goals that transform every aspect of their life.

*Best value*

Monthly Progress Check-ins

Career / Life Balance Workbook

Core Values Exploration

Goal-Setting Exercise

Email Support (Unlimited)

Text Support (Unimited)

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

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