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"Every person has greatness within them, but only a select few are willing to take the risk and journey into the unknown in pursuit of their life purpose. For those courageous ones, I will be there as your partner—professionally and personally—every step of the way.”



— Keenan Benjamin

Keenan Benjamin has spent his life coaching others through their challenges.  He has always had a passion for seeing those around him successful, fulfilled, and free of suffering.
Keenan’s transcendent way of creating deep, meaningful connection with all who cross his path comes from his diverse set of life experiences. 
His childhood was spent on a mountain in rural Tennessee. Later he went on to attend a leading liberal arts university and made friends with students from across the world. During this time, Keenan became a mentor to children in his local community; a service that he has continued through adulthood.  Later, he spent a decade working with and consulting the top executives at the largest banks in the United States. while also traveling to and studying the people and cultures of over twenty countries.
Throughout all of these experiences, you could find Keenan connecting with those he met at a deeply personal level.
Keenan moved to India in January 2016 to launch Conscious Motivation and dedicate himself full-time to building out a world-class coaching business.
Over the last two years, he's taken the change management, consulting, and business development skills developed at the country's foremost management consulting firms and transformed them into a global coaching business for professionals and executives. 
Essentially, each one of his coaching clients is like his previous financial services executive clients.


Back then, he listened to the challenges his clients were experiencing in their organizations and helped them develop a plan to remediate those issues and achieved targeted goals.
Now, he supports his coaching clients by listening to their goals and current challenges (desired promotion, raise in compensation, business development, inner-office/client discord, career search, and transitions, etc.), asking questions to create awareness of what barriers are holding them 
back, and developing an action plan to overcome their barriers and achieve their desired goals.
Outside of the office, he understands that work-life balance is the key to true fulfillment. Thus, he has created a personal coaching side of the business to ensure that his clients' personal lives provide the appropriate balance for their career aspirations.
Keenan's clients would tell you that they get no greater return on investment than they do from his coaching. Understandably, as one cannot put a financial value on inner peace and clarity of direction as we work to achieve our career and personal goals.

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