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Whatever goal you have for your life, Keenan will help you achieve it.

Whether it is a...



Lorin, California

Life Design


Bally, New York

Career Testimonial

George, Barcelona

LIfe Balance Testimonial

Karen, North Carolina

life design 


Neil, Florida

What is coaching?

Keenan is an International Coaching Federation-certified executive coach.


Clients know they will always receive a non-judgmental partnership from him, instilling their trust and confidence. 


He has a gift of asking the exact questions clients need to identify and eliminate their limiting beliefs.


With their newfound clarity, Keenan then works with each client to create an action and accountability plan to achieve each goal.

Lastly, he provides each client with a private online space to work through their goals, and he tracks their progress in between sessions.

What is the value?

When people have dental challenges, they find great value in dentists.


When people have physical health challenges, they find great value in doctors.

When people have legal challenges, they find great value in lawyers.


And when people have business and personal life challenges, they find great value in coaching.

How much would you be willing to invest to become the person you are destined to be?

What is the investment?


single session

Clients purchase single sessions when they have an urgent goal like:

  • A significant career/business decision

  • Deciding whether to stay or go in an intimate relationship

  • Responding to conflict with family or friends

package of Sessions

Clients purchase packages when they are committed to significant transformation with:

  • Business Goals

  • Career Development Goals

  • Personal Development Goals

  • Life Design Goals

  • Life Balance Goals

  • All of the above

Still have questions?

1) Schedule a free 30-minute introductory phone consultation with Keenan to determine if coaching is a good fit for your goals.

2) If you move forward with coaching, Keenan *guarantees a full refund* if you do not receive your expected value from the first session.

(This has never happened previously, but Keenan is happy to eliminate any financial risk.)

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